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Senior Care Options

Caregiver support when you need it most.

Care Options
Elder woman and her caretaker

Chronic Care Management (maintenance)

  • Coordination of Care

  • Collaborative Doctor's Visits

  • Medication Management & Education

  • Home-based Clinical Assessments

  • Conduct Family Care Meeting

  • Assess for Caregiver Role Strain or Burden

Image by Lina Trochez

Transitional Care Management (post hospital)

  • Home-based Clinical Assessments

  • Discharge or Transition of Care Planning

  • Research/Referral to Desired Agency, Community Services and Resources

  • Care Coordination for Equipment, Medication Refills, Home-care Services

  • Collaboration with Primary Care Provider, Hospitals and Emergency Services

  • Prepare to Learn More

Doctor's Appointment

Geriatric Care Management (care support)

  • Deliver Holistic Care Support for Client and Family

  • Establish an Interdisciplinary Team for Client and Family

  • Advance Care Planning with Documentation Guidance

  • Assess Symptoms and Stress Associated with the Illness

  • Caregiver Educational and Emotional Support

  • Need to plan for Geriatric Care? Read our Guide.

Trans Care
Pallative Care
Home-Based Medical Care
Image by Nani Chavez

 Home-Based Medical Care (mobile care)

  • Collaborative Care for Chronically ill and Medically complex

  • Deliver High-quality Care to Home-limited and Vulnerable

  • Advance Care Planning with Documentation Guidance

  • Assess Progressive Disease and Symptoms Associated with Illness

  • Client/Caregiver Educational and Emotional Support

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